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Tactel Keep is the best way to manage, sync and backup your phone's address book - it works on basically any device imaginable.

Your address book everywhere

Install Keep on all your devices to keep your address book up-to-date and in sync on all of them.

Editing contacts is easy!

Use our web interface to edit, delete, add and merge your contacts. Your changes will automatically update the address book in your devices!

Don't worry!

Keep is also great for you when you lose or damage your phone beyond repair. Just get the app on your new phone, sign in and your contacts will start to pour in automatically in your address book.

Who built this?

Tactel delivers fun and productive consumer experiences across a wide range of devices and software. Our clients depend on us to develop custom solutions that deliver the personalized and rich experiences that today's electronic consumers demand.

We created Keep to make your everyday life a bit easier. Your phone is at the center of all your communication. We want to acknowledge that and give you a way to keep your contacts safe and easy to manage.

Keep is a free version of our white label product suite Mobical. Contact us at to learn more!

If you have any questions regarding Keep contact us at

What can I do with it?

You can use the service to keep your address book synchronized and to maintain a backup of your contact list so that you won’t lose it.

If you for some reason have got duplicates you can try out our excellent merge functionality.

Where can I get the apps?

We have developed smart phone applications for the Android and iOS platforms. Use the link below to download the only application you need to keep your contacts safely in sync and backed up.

If you have an older legacy phone we can send synchronization settings to it, just sign in and go to Settings.


Apple iOS

Keep is a Mobical Product

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